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Libertadores String [email protected] NYC

Workshop Comments

On Monday, December 10th, members of the Libertadores String Quartet, who are also members of the Simón Bolivar Synphony Orchestra, visited the Mott Haven Public Library for a workshop with our the children's orchestra string section. Their exuberance and generosity were energizing and created a beautiful learning experience for the kids.

2012 Fall Session Underway!

UpBeat's 12-week Fall 2012 session began September 19th and there are currently sixty children enrolled in our Orchestra and Pre-Orchestra programs. UpBeat now operates 5 days per week providing year-round classes, lessons, sectionals and ensemble rehearsals. We are fortunate to have the use of…

Recruiting at CCFY's BACK TO SCHOOL Block Party

We spent last Wednesday at the BACK TO SCHOOL Block Party and school supply/backpack giveaway in Mott Haven on 141st between 3rd & Alexander. The event was hosted by Community Connections for Youth, a South Bronx based nonprofit that empowers grassroots neighborhood organizations to develop…

Outdoor Lessons!

Outdoor Lessons! from UpBeat NYC on Vimeo. There was a last minute schedule conflict at our site last week. It was so nice outside we decided not to cancel, but dragged some chairs and stands outside and held lessons on the sidewalk. If the weather is good this Thursday we'll do it again!

UpBeat NYC at Free Radio/Cue Art Foundation

From April 10th-13th UpBeat NYC took over the Cue Art Foundation's gallery space as one of five communities participating in the Free Radio exhibit. Each day the kids practiced, rehearsed as an ensemble and documented their experience using Free Radio's equipment. Our Free Radio culminating…